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Foiled Again! Washington Island natives know a thing or two about fish. Try their delicious Domers on the grill this summer.

“Will You Be My Grandpa?” That straight-to-the-point question from a 10-year-old stole the heart of a crusty ol’ woodsman.


Tina Gohr photo

Planting Seeds of Hope. Four enterprising farm kids from Lake Mills started a business that’s a bloomin’ boost to their community.

Still Digging His Work. Though confined to a wheelchair, this indomitable excavator says, “Sitting home was not an option.” 

Hand Picked on the Farm. Bluegrass by nationally known musicians is played all summer at a special concert venue in Sturgeon Bay.

Mike Beno photo

The Living Flag. Old Glory proudly waves in the village of Witwen, where a unique signing troupe marches on the Fourth of July.

Scooting to Canada. Manitowoc High School grads took an international trip at a leisurely pace...aboard Cushman scooters
JJ21_Living Flag - 2006_web.jpg

Courtesy of Jo Ballweg

Glad to Be “The Flower Lady”. A dedicated gladiola gardener delivers joy to lonely souls, and enlists some family help.

Thanks a Million! A geometry teacher and his students helped build a community’s hospital one penny at a time.

The King and His Court. Softball pitcher Eddie Feigner struck out Willie Mays and 141,516 other hitters. Maybe he played in your town!
JJ21_Million Penny_web.jpg

Courtesy of Kathryn Patten

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About the Cover: “My grandson Kyle Crowley stands taller than the corn planted in my brother’s field in Fennimore,” says photographer Mike Crowley. “I live in the Northwoods now but still enjoy getting back to my roots in the beautiful Driftless Region of the state.”