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Making Tracks. A model railroader’s layout grew to the point he had to buy a second home to set it all up!

She Likes Them Apples. Each fall, this reader is heartened when a little red roadside cart offers fruit on the honor system.

A Lodge to Love. This tiny log cabin built by father and son means more to these men than a hideaway.


Jim Leuenberger photo

Born for the Big Top. This reader couldn’t have run away to join the circus if she’d wanted to. She grew up in one!

Tree-mendous Find. Discovering a state-record aspen was an adventure for these readers. You can nominate a champion too!

Of Paramount Importance. Some of the most significant recordings in the history of American blues music were made in Grafton.

Hooping It Up. Viroqua’s Driftless Dribblers play a game for the ages in the Granny Basketball League.

Photo courtesy of Sonja Lindemann Barta


A Gift Sew Special. One thoughtful grandmother’s handmade quilt blankets a couple in warmth and security.

Hoist a Chocolate Malt and Toast Horlick’s. First made in Racine, malted milk treats became popular from pole to pole.

A House Apiece. Farm help and housing could be hard to find in World War II, so two families devised a plan.

Scaling Toward Her Goal. The good old layaway plan helped a little girl learn about finance—and provided an experience she never forgot.

Grafton Area Chamber of Commerce photo

Photo courtesy of Gerald Karwowski

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