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To give your story it’s best chance to appear, please include a high resolution digital photo with the piece.  Identify persons in the photo and note where and when it was taken. 


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WE INVITE YOU to share short items and photos for consideration to appear in our pages—and you don’t have to be
a professional writer.   We’re not looking for literary or highly polished articles.  


Instead, we’re looking for simple letters, just a few paragraphs about something you feel other readers in this state would
really enjoy.


We’re after armchair reading…an entertaining or amusing story describing the interesting people, places or happeneings that make you proud of your corner of Wisconsin.  It could be simple as a heartfelt memory of the good old days.


Here are a few ideas to get you started….

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Why I Returned to Wisconsin

Here’s where wayfaring Wisconsinites tell why they returned home…and came home to stay. Did you move away and later return? What did you miss most?  


What a Character

Some people are so fun, funny or just plain different that they can brighten anybody’s day. Tell us a story about that one person so interesting that he or she would qualify in the minds of most as “a real character”. 

We’re Glad We Moved Here

If you hail from another part of the country and have found Wisconsin a wonderful, welcoming place, please say why you
feel that way. 


Nicest Gesture Ever

Maybe an illness laid you low and a helpful neighbor mowed
the lawn “just because”. Or a child showed up at the door, leash in hand, to take your dog for his daily walk when you weren’t
up to it. Please share a random act of kindness by a neighbor
in Wisconsin. 


Best Burg in Wisconsin

Please tell us why your hometown is so welcoming, different, friendly or fun.  It doesn’t have to be something spectacular. We’re looking for the little things (and people) that make your town different from the rest…and, yes, the best!

First Day on the Job

We’ve all endured them…and the ribbing and practical jokes that sometimes go with it. Tell us about your most unforgettable first day on the job.


Worst Winter Ever

Years ago in Wisconsin, the snow seemed to drift a little deeper, the temperature dived lower and the wind howled harder. Tell your story of the worst winter ever. Or the biggest snowstorm. Got a photo to prove it?


My Favorite Ma & Pa Restaurant

Tell us about the best eatery in your area and why the locals love it. Maybe it’s that Ma & Pa café where folks gather for breakfast, coffee and a side of local news. Or on old-fashioned supper club with a signature dish to die for. Share your favorite and a photo.


My Most Embarrassing Moment 

“Oh, was my face red!”  Share a laugh with fellow readers by describing your most embarrassing moment.


Best Practical Joke Ever 

They’re always funny…until they happen to us. What’s the most inventive, ingenious or entertaining practical joke you recall?


Church Chuckles 

Share a story about the time the entire congregation shared an unexpected laugh.

The Pet I’ll Never Forget 

Perhaps it was that loyal old dog who’d never leave your side.  
Or the frisky family cat that the kids loved more than their brothers or sisters (or thought they did).  Share your story of
a pet with personality.

My Favorite Teacher

Do you remember a person who touched your life in a lifelong way? Please share your story about that one special person
you’ll never forget. Perhaps it was a teacher, coach or simply
a best friend.

Following Rustic

Roads Slow down and enjoy the ride. This numbered system of roads was established in 1973 to preserve Wisconsin’s scenic and lightly traveled country roads. Bikers, hikers and motorists enjoy them in every season. Tell us of your favorite Rustic Road and why you like to hike it, bike it or just take a drive.

This Old Car

Maybe it was that first old clunker you could afford, or simply, the car you liked and remember best. Send a photo of your favorite old car, and tell why you’ll never forget it.

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Our Issues to Come

Colorful Character. Meet Katy Grimm of Muscoda who’s made it her mission to put people in the pink. Her home, car, refrigerator, and telephone are done up in her favorite hue. Only she can explain why.


 Our Favorite Weekend Ride. Get your motor runnin’ and head out on the highway with some of the friendliest bikers in Badgerland. Crisse and Rocky Reynolds of Seneca suggest a great ride in southwest Wisconsin. Photo by Deb Knutson

Only in Wisconsin! Where else but Wisconsin would you expect to find a drive-thru window for cheese curds? It’s in the Town of Rockland and a good idea…why didn’t we think of that? Photo by Frank Cuene  


Backyard Visitors. Whether you live in town or country, one of the best things about Wisconsin is the wildlife you can see in your own backyard. Readers share favorite sightings. Photo by John Ford

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