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Little Drummer Boy of La Crosse. A special Christmas gift started a 5-year-old on a lifetime musical journey. 

Recipe Reunited a Family. After a 17-year search, a determined man found his cousins, thanks to a newspaper cookie contest. 

Care Was Their Calling. In Antigo, phone company workers rallied the community to help neighbors in need.

Cartoon Show in Snow. Bring on the white stuff! This sculptor’s creative, colorful characters liven winter in Lone Rock. 

State Parks, Here We Come! New Holstein family found healing and happiness while exploring Wisconsin’s treasures.

Just Dropping In! Something funny happened to this 8-year-old on his way to the laundry room.

Sparkling Recollections. Aluminum trees, produced in Wisconsin in the 1960s, still brighten the season for this reader. 
Eight Was Not Enough. In Forest County, the Samz family was blessed with 23 children in 27 years. 

Tuned in to Their Needs. Two youngsters would have a Merry Christmas after all, due to diligent staff at a TV station. 

The Music Man of Marathon. Hall of Fame concertina player brought happiness to listeners across the state.
Tis the Season for Cookie Baking! Come join our Christmas cookie exchange and try these delightful treats shared by readers.
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On the Wild Side—by Tom Davis

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About the Cover: This trio of deer—likely a mature doe with yearling and fawn—was seen in the woods near the Chippewa River at Winter. Photo by Linda Freshwaters Arndt.

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