This Trailer Is Treasured!

Our last Treasure Hunt winners LOVE their custom-built
teardrop trailer. Find the key we’ve hidden and you’ll win one too!

THE YEAR 2020 began as a downer for Jake and Brianne Keehan, a highly active couple from Maple Grove, Minnesota…but oh, did things ever turn around!

These outdoors adventurers had made many travel plans for their young family. Then Covid struck, and everything was canceled. Confined at home with little to do, Jake and Brianne decided to take up our challenge to find the hidden key in the 2020 Wisconsin Treasure Hunt. 


Issue by issue they read our clues, researched and went hunting through parks as they again opened across the state. When they finally found the key last summer at Patrick Lake Park in Adams County, 2020 turned a whole lot brighter.


“Yes, that was a highlight of our year,” Jake says. “The trailer made it onto our Christmas card.”


With son Quinn, age 2-1/2, the couple enjoyed camping and bicycling in Wisconsin and states beyond.

“We’re used to tent camping, so this trailer made it a joy in rainy weather and temperatures of 35 to 45,” Jake says. “We did that for a week, and in a tent, you’d never dry out. This trailer is warm and easy to cook in, and other campers asked us about it on every trip.”


The rig they won was built by TCTeardrops of Wausau. Teardrop trailers are highly popular these days for a lot of reasons. They’re easy to set up and take down and they’re ultra-towable. The smallest cars can pull them.

“This trailer made it a joy to camp
in cold rainy weather…”


Because Jake and Brianne are having so much fun with their trailer, we’ve decided to offer another one as the prize in our next treasure hunt! Wouldn’t you like to have that beauty pictured above?


Our custom-built rig is tricked out with a roof rack, storage box and handy receiver hitch for a two-bike carrier or steel cargo tray. Inside this 5- x 9-foot model is a slide-out table in the sleeping cabin, queen-size mattress, battery charger and more. 


If you’d like to explore some cool places in Wisconsin with your own teardrop trailer like the one on this page, read on. For those new to Our Wisconsin, here’s the background on this exciting giveaway.


To put some fun into our issues, and to encourage folks to get out and enjoy this beautiful state, we’ve run these contests ever since Our Wisconsin was launched. Among the prizes awarded were two new cars and two new boats. 


Now, we’re challenging readers to find the key that’ll open the door to adventure with a custom-built trailer that’s worth more than $6,000. The key is out there now, hidden in a park somewhere in this sizable state! If you want to join in the search, here are the rules.

Our Wisconsin Magazine -03.jpg

The 5x9-foot model created for Our Wisconsin includes storage cabinet with slide-out table in the sleeping cabin, a roof rack system, queen-size mattress, battery charger/tender … and the Our Wisconsin logo displayed on the back!

The Contest Works This Way

  • The key is hidden in a public park to avoid trespassing.

  • This contest is not limited to paid subscribers.

  • Starting in the Jun/Jul21 issue, we’ll print a map showing the counties where the key ISN’T hidden. Then, issue by issue, we’ll eliminate 10 more counties to narrow the search.

  • A new clue will be provided each issue.

  • The key is in a clear biodegradable bag with a note stating, “You Found It!” along with a phone number to call and a secret code number that will be requested.

  • Your only license to hunt is a garbage bag. By collecting litter, you provide a public benefit. The bag’s benefit to you is that you won’t look as if you’re searching for something and invite competition.

  • Don’t call us. No calls will be accepted by Our Wisconsin about this program.

  • Don’t ask our field editors about the hidden key. These friendly volunteers know nothing more about the program than regular readers do.

  • No employee of the magazine or relative of any employee—nor any of our field editors—is eligible to win.

  • Past winners and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.

  • The contest is open to anyone else of any age.


Finally, we provide a helpful clue each issue. The first one is: “The key is not buried. It’s hidden above the ground.”


Click here for the latest clues and the next 10 counties eliminated.


Come join the scamper for one cool camper!


A-camping they will go. Teardrop trailer winners Brianne and Jake, with son Tim and their dog Mya, are on the road to adventure.


Campers Pampered Here. You can be cozy and comfortable anywhere in Wisconsin if you win this trailer. It's ultra-towable too, small cars can pull them.