Your Chances To Win A Sweet Treat Just Improved!

Where's the W?  Wish We Knew...

A mistake in the printing process on the Feb/Mar issue of Our Wisconsin resulted in the deletion of one of the three hidden W’s
in our “Where’s the W”? contest.

We’re sorry—we’re human, it happened. But we want you and everyone to know YOU CAN STILL ENTER after you’ve found the
two W’s that were included. Please spread the word to all your subscriber friends and apologize for us to them, too!

As part of the apology, we're going to improve your chance of winning by drawing for 35 winners instead of the 30 we promised
in print. The five bonus winners will receive our most popular
prize, a year’s worth of Culver’s custard.


These names, plus all other winners, will be listed in the April/May issue of Our Wisconsin, as usual. Again, we’re sorry for the mistake, but please do enter…and good luck!

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