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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to common questions we receive at Our Wisconsin.  If your question isn’t covered here or elsewhere on our website, click the Contact tab for inquiries about subscriptions, advertising or editorial submissions. 

    When will my first magazine arrive?

If you’re a new subscriber, or if you renewed after your subscription expired, it may take up to 6 weeks to receive
your first issue
.  If you haven’t received it after 6 weeks, contact Customer Service at 1-877/717-8925 or e-mail  Please provide your name, address, phone number and e-mail address for
a prompt response.


    I’m moving temporarily, will my magazines be forwarded?

No. If you’ve filled out a moving card with the U.S. Postal Service, periodicals are not included with regularly
forwarded mail.  To make sure you’ll receive your issues, call Our Wisconsin customer service  at 1-87
7/717-8925 or click Change your address.


    My magazine arrived damaged, what should I do?

Issues are sometimes damaged in the mail and we want yours to arrive in fine condition.  To request a replacement,
call customer service at 1-87
7/717-8925 or click Report a missing/damaged issue.


    I purchased a gift subscription.
Can I get a greeting card to send to the recipient?

Yes! To download a printable gift card, click on any of the following links. You have three choices:  Holiday, Birthday and General Gift. Download the pdf, then print.  Fold the sheet in half, and then fold in half again, to make a color greeting card.

    How do I send digital photos to be considered for publication?

Our Wisconsin looks for sharp, colorful, high-resolution images that highlight people and places across the state.  Due to our high printing standards, we require photo files sized 1MB or larger. 


E-mail photos to Please identify persons in the photo and note where and when it was taken.  Also, include your name, address and phone in case we have a question and need to contact you. Before hitting “send”, make sure your e-mail program is sending the file as “actual” size and not downsizing to expedite delivery. 

    How should I scan and send a photo print?

To scan color prints AND those in black and white, choose the “color” setting on your printer, and scan at 300 dpi. Before sending your scan via e-mail, make sure that your e-mail program is sending the file at "actual" size.  Prior to hitting "send" please click the largest image size setting your e-mail client provides.  If you have several scans to send, it’s best to include
just one or two per e-mail message.

    How do I know if my contribution will be printed in the magazine?

With the volume of photos and stories Our Wisconsin receives, not all submissions can be printed. If your contribution is selected, you will be notified. A confirmation reply isn’t generally provided, unless requested.  Be patient, we receive a lot of mail, but please know we read them all.

    I sent my contribution by paper mail, will it be returned?

Only submissions sent with an SASE will be returned.  If you you’d like confirmation we’ve received your contribution, include SASE and request confirmation. Our small staff does will do its best to return SASEs promptly.

 9  Can I promote a local event?

Unfortunately, no. We don’t have a community events calendar because Our Wisconsin’s mission is not to provide news. Instead, we celebrate the state with entertaining stories about people…armchair reading describing why Wisconsin is the best place to live. Fundraisers, fairs, centennials and family celebrations such as anniversaries, weddings and reunions
are best promoted in local news publications.


For ideas on the kinds of stories we print, click How to Get Published.

 10  Will I be paid for my submission?

Story and photo packages that we print covering a page or more in the magazine are compensated with an appropriate freelance writer’s fee.  Short submissions we print that are a few paragraphs in length, or photos we publish that cover less than a page in the magazine, are compensated with our thank-you gift of a freshly baked Amish pie. 

 111  Can I become an Our Wisconsin Field Editor?   

Field Editors are not paid staff, but volunteers.  They serve as “our eyes and ears” in the counties where they live, sending tips on stories and often writing or shooting photos themselves.  Field editors’ submissions that are published qualify for the same compensation described above.


If you are interested in serving as an Our Wisconsin Field Editor, check the latest magazine for a list of open counties.
To learn more, e-mail

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