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Here’s How You Can Be Published In ‘Wisconsin’s Magazine’

NOT ONLY is Our Wisconsin the most popular magazine ever devoted to this state, we’re the first and only magazine that invites Wisconsinites to help write every issue. The stories in our pages are written by your neighbors…folks a lot like you!


How do you start?  It’s easy as writing a letter!  Before you put
pen to paper or switch on your computer here are some tips….


We’re after armchair reading—an entertaining or amusing story that describes the interesting people, places or happenings that make you proud to be from Wisconsin.  Think of a story that has
a beginning, middle and end—a fun or funny story, from either today or yesteryear, that’s set in Wisconsin.


Don’t worry about providing polished writing. We help by “sanding off the rough edges” on all stories. The idea and the heart in the story comes from you. We strive to keep the heart and meaning in your story, but help you tell it as clearly as possible.


A short story just a few paragraphs in length is a good way to begin.  To get you started, here are some ideas from Departments we regularly print…

Thanks for the Pranks. What’s the most inventive, ingenious or entertaining practical joke you recall? Share the laughs!


My First Job. Those first “real jobs” left indelible impressions. Some were funny, others provided valuable life lessons. Enjoy the “work” of sharing those times.

This Old Car.  Maybe it was that first old clunker you could afford, or simply, the car you liked and remember best. Send a photo of your favorite old car and tell why you’ll never forget it. 

Jack Zarling .jpeg

What I Miss About Wisconsin. If you’re a Wisconsinite who moved away, tell fellow readers what you miss most and why.

Kitchen Calamities. Remember a time something you prepared didn’t turn out quite the way you expected? Share the memory so everyone can laugh! 

My Most Embarrassing Moment. Time helps us live down those red-faced blunders we’ve all endured. Tell us about yours so we can laugh with you!

Why I Love Life in Wisconsin. Whether it’s cheese, please,
or something else definitively Wisconsin, we know you’ve got a story that makes you proud to live in our state. Send it on.

Only in Wisconsin. Ever hear of a drive-thru window selling cheese curds? There’s one in Wisconsin! Please share a fun story or photo of something you’d see only in our state.

Church Chuckles. If you recall a time the entire congregation erupted in laughter, pray tell!  

Dog Tales. Dogs often exhibit a “sixth sense” that allows them to do amazing things. Share a story about something remarkable a pet you know once did.

A Gesture to Remember. Maybe an illness laid you low and a helpful neighbor mowed the lawn “just because”. Or a child showed up at the door, leash in hand, to take your dog for his daily walk when you weren’t up to it. Share a random act of kindness by a neighbor in Wisconsin.  

The Worst Winter Ever. Years ago in Wisconsin the snow seemed to drift a little deeper, the temperature dived lower and the wind howled harder. Tell your story of the worst winter (or snowstorm ever).  If you have a photo to prove it, please include it!

My Favorite Teacher.  Who was the educator who influenced you most? Maybe one who offered encouragement or recognized talent nobody else seemed to.

Duncan K. Fav Teacher .jpg
Photos, Photos, Photos!

We print plenty. 
In any issue, check our Vintage Views section for examples of early-day photos we need (page 79).  For color, see Window on Wisconsin (pages 22-23). 
To submit digital photos, send only
high-resolution files sized 1 mb or larger. 
Or mail prints with a self-addressed stamped envelope to
Our Wisconsin at the postal address at right.

Lewandowski Micki .jpeg

How Do I Send My Story?


Before you send, click here for Contributor Guidelines.


E-mail your story on any department described here to  Place in the subject line the title of the category that fits your submission.  Please include your name, postal address and daytime phone number for every submission in case we have a question. 


To send by regular mail, write to:

Our Wisconsin, 5301 Townline Road, Suite 4, Manitowish Waters, WI 54545. 


Have a Longer Story to Share?

Feature articles that cover a page or more in the magazine should be around 700 words in length.  Always submit with photos if you can provide them. 


For an example of a feature story we’ve recently selected for publication, click here.

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