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Our Wisconsin’s ‘Photo of the Day’ Policy

Our Wisconsin magazine is the first and only publication about this state that’s “written by its readers.” In our pages, we invite friendly neighbors to share their stories and photos that help show why they feel their corner of Wisconsin is the very best place to live!


Here on Facebook, we welcome the same sort of neighbor-to-neighbor sharing. Our ‘Photo of the Day’ includes pictures of Wisconsin’s landscapes, its flora and fauna, and its lively lifestyle, meant to be shared with our growing Facebook community.  From these contributed photos, our staff selects those we feel best illustrate our mission: “To celebrate all that’s great about life in the Badger state.”


Before you submit photos for consideration, please read and follow these guidelines….


1. Visitor photos posted to the Our Wisconsin magazine Facebook page are subject to the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities legal policy.

2.  Because we are a neighbor-to-neighbor community, we won’t

select photos that promote businesses. Professional photos tagged

with watermarks or submitted in the name of a professional studio cannot be accepted. 

3.  Do not submit a photo unless you own it, but you may submit pictures taken by family members with their permission to do so. Please include location where the photo was taken. Your Facebook profile name will be used as your photo credit unless you specify otherwise. 


4.  The photos posted here are voluntarily shared. No compensation is made for pictures we select to appear as ‘Photo of the Day,’ nor are these images considered for print in the magazine.


5.  If you’d like to send a photo for consideration in Our Wisconsin magazine, consult the Contributor Guidelines you’ll find in any issue, or, visit our website:


6.  Our Wisconsin reserves the right to accept or reject any submission. Abuse will be cause for deleted posts and/or reporting of the abuse to Facebook.

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